Taekwon-do Club

Taekwon-Do was inaugurated on April 11th 1955 following extensive research and development by its founder General Choi Hong Hi (IX Dan). With technique rooted in the ideas of efficiency of movement and projection of power, Taekwon-Do stands as a modern and effective martial art, with the ITF style placing emphasis on the ability to defend yourself.

Our instructors Miss Zoë Tate and Mr Robert Dolan started teaching together in 1998 and have their own distinct style of teaching, which compliments one another. They work hard to make new and returning Taekwon-do practitioners welcome and aim to make sure you reach your potential.

Charity Fundraising

Once a year the club takes to the streets of St Andrews to raise money for charity by performing all aspects of Taekwon-Do over the course of 24 hours. This includes board breaking, patterns and push-ups, striving each year to break the totals we set the year prior. The money raised from the kickathon is split evenly between the club and a selection of charities.


The club holds regular social events around the Sinners night at club 601, as well as several other unique events throughout the year. We also raise funds for the club through our yearly kickathon (see below). The club also holds regular meetings in which the running and direction of the club can be discussed and voted upon, as well as elections for committee positions that any member can run for.

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